DevLog #3: Crafting Update

 The crafting update is finally out, still need to add more work station types and recipes but they will be added as needed.

 Going to work on Health and Hunger systems next, add a work station for cooking and food items. But before starting on the new features there's going to be some fixes and improvements, at the moment mining is insanely boring since you need to mine and place ladders one by one, to fix this I'm going to modify the way building works so it's possible to create build tasks on top of existing tiles and have settlers handle the mining before building.

Bellow is a detailed list of what was added in this version.


  • Implemented Crafting system

Bug Corrections:

  • Fixed an issue with settlers getting stuck on working state after the completion of certain tasks

New Items:

  • Iron and Copper Ingots
  • Stick
  • Plant Fiber 

New Tiles:

  • Forge
  • Small Torch

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Version 4 May 09, 2019

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